Thursday, August 4, 2011

Now is the Time

If you are looking for something to call your own or a new hobby. This is the time to join Thirty-One Gifts and I am waiting for you.

Are You Curious?
1. How many nights a week do you do this? My goal is to have one party a week. However, you only have to do $200 in retail every 3 months, so I don’t have pressure on me to work more than I want. Great thing is, I LOVE MY JOB, and doing parties is such a joy for me!
2. How much money do you make? I make 25% commission on the retail orders. Either from parties or any orders on line. Now that I am a Director, I am making an additional commission on my sales AND my team sales!
3. Who pays for all the rewards our hostess is making tonight? Every bit of it will be paid for by Thirty-One Gifts! Nothing comes out of my pocket unless I want to do something special for my guest and Hostess.
4. How much would it cost to start my own business with Thirty-One Gifts? For only $99 plus your local tax and shipping, you can get over $300 in samples and business supplies, including your website, the perfect kit to get your own business going.
5. Why did you choose Thirty-One Gifts over other Direct Sales companies you have seen? I had never heard of Thirty-One and actually said I would NEVER do anything like this Once I saw the products and what the company stood for, I called the consultant up and signed up over the phone. All without EVER going to a show!
6. How did you learn to do this business? Thirty-One offers a ton of on line training videos free to us 24/7 and we are also under the care of a great Director. (that would be me for you!) We also have local meetings with other 31 consultants and tons of opportunities to learn as often and as much as we would like! Our group also has a team blog and a private Facebook page at our disposal.
Don’t be Afraid to ask!
1. I am not a sales person, is this for me? YES, the great thing about these products is they sell themselves. And whether you want to do a fun presentation or just let people shop, there is nothing hard about selling Thirty-One Gifts!
2. Do you have to keep an inventory or make deliveries? No you do not. I find different ways to add samples to my own kit spending little or no money, and you are able to have the party orders sent directly to the Hostess or guest!
3. Do you make money when you help other ladies start their own businesses? With as little as 2 ladies in your team, you begin to make an additional commission off their sales. And when you are a Director there are bonuses that you can make. In 2011 so far I have already made $2,000 in bonuses for helping others to become leaders themselves!
4. If I am interested in starting a business with Thirty-One and joining your team, what do I do? You can stop me tonight or you can e-mail me at the address below. You can also just mark on your feedback form and I will be happy to contact you in the next couple of days. I will be happy to share more with you about this amazing opportunity. (take this with you)
5. What is your favorite thing about being a part of this company? I have 3 “F”s. Freedom, Friends and Finances. The freedom to work when I want, the Friends I have met in the homes of ladies all over my city and the Financial freedom all while staying at home with my kids and helping in a financial way. All with the great support of a Home Office that prays for us every day!