31 Reasons To Join

 1. They make it easy to get started

2. Goals are not pushed on you

3. The products sell themselves

4. It’s a Faith based company that prays over every decision for and with us

5. They make decisions for their good AND ours

6. It’s so much fun to party and make friends

7. They make it easy for you to grow and lead a team

8. The business supplies are very inexpensive

9. They help you earn free catalogs to support your business

10. They pay attention to what is going on in the economy and provide quality products that everyone can afford

11. Great home office consultant and customer support

12. They celebrate us every chance they get

13. You don’t have to keep inventory

14. The company jump starts your new season with 25 new catalogs

15. Our Founder, Cindy Monroe, is still personal and in touch with her company

16. You get rewarded every time you attend local Connect Meetings

17. You can earn entire add on kits as new consultants FOR FREE

18. You can earn add on kits for free when new catalog seasons begin

19. Go at your own pace as you run your business,

20. Our Company has its own Missions team!

21. You have a team leader waiting to help you with every step

22. They work hard to keep up with latest styles and trends

23. You get your website and e-newsletter free for the first 3 months

24. You get a commission check 2 times a month directly deposited into your account.

25. You don’t have to figure out your own commission, 31 does it for you

26. The consultants nationwide have a sisterhood support for each other

27. No matter how many consultants are around you there are scores of ladies who have still never heard of 31

28. Throughout the year you can earn gift cards, trips and so much more

29. This Season an amazing new line is ready for your new journey.

30. Join just in time for the Holidays

31. Is waiting for you to take the leap