How Will I get Parties booked?

As soon as you sign up, book your own open house show.  As you invite people, with every "no, I cannot come", take the opportunity to ask your guest if they would "Like to see a catalog?", "Book a show and help you get started?" or "Book a catalog show to help you get started?"   Most will say yes to at least one of these.  The products and great prices will speak for themselves!

You can use the hostess rewards from your own show and add more samples to your kit!  A qualified show is only $200 retail and so it makes it an  easy goal to reach.

We have a start swell program, so make sure you ask me about this great bonus!

  1. Neighbors
  2. friends
  3. church members
  4. supportive family members
  5. the lady who always talks to you at the coffee house
  6. ladies at the gym
  7. family members out of town can do catalog shows
  8. your own catalog or home show
  9. your children's friends
  10. your friend's children's moms!
  11. think outside the box!